Hello, world! I'm a Computer Systems Engineer and Software Developer.

Ahmed Vadia
Location: Vorna Valley, Midrand, Johannesburg
Cell: +27780008006
Email: ahmed@vadia.co.za

Age: 21
Sex: Male
ID: 9701075723084

I studied computer systems engineering (Light Current - Electronic) because as a kid I loved tinkering with computers. My academic record is a strong endorsement of my passion and abilities in the Information Technology space. I am an enthusiastic student, an avid Life-hacker, and computer techie with a knack for producing paragon results with minimal resources.

To make sure I am always coding and keeping up with the latest tech and to supplement my income while studying, I develop WordPress websites on the side, one of my latest projects is for a car dealership and can be viewed @ Inspectacar Lifestyle Motors. As a side-project, all the work is my own. To keep my skills sharp I study courses that interest me on the MOOC platform edx.org. I also make time to help my peers with their design projects.

When I’m not reading all of the Internets, or trying to download it, or figuring out which mod is causing my Android to boot-loop, I’m that guy at the mall with a book...

Aqualoc SA - Roodeport, Johannesburg
 Trainee Electronic Engineer/ Product Development
 November 2017 - October 2018
 + Built PLM software (VB.net, SQL Server 2017)
 + Network Administration
 + Embedded Systems Design and Maintenance
 + Database Maintenance & Admin

 Durban University of Technology
  N.Dip. Computer Systems Engineering (Light Current/Electronic)
  Expected October 2018

 Stanger Manor Secondary
  Matric 2014
 HTML, CSS & JavaScript

  Microsoft - Introduction to C++
  Curtin - IoT Sensors and Devices
  Berkeley - Principles of Written English
  Curtin - Introduction to the Internet of Things
  UT Austin - Effective Thinking Through Mathematics
  Univ. Queensland - The Science of Everyday Thinking
  Univ. Columbia - Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things

  + www.vadia.co.za
  + www.lifestyleauto.co.za
  + www.candescent.co.za
  + www.amfa.org.za
  + www.smXrt.co.za
  + www.trck.co.za
 "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"